To my freinds!

Video now on Vimeo!

Tonight’s special is now available to see on Vimeo. Go and check it out!    

To my freinds!

Tonight’s Special will Play at STIFF

We are very excited to announce that  Tonight’s Special has been accepted to the 2011 Seattle True Independent Film Festival!  We’re really looking forward to being in  this year’s festival and we hope to see everyone there! We will be screening at Central Cinema on 6/9 at 9:30PM We will post ticket information up once … Continue reading

Back Camera

Roll Credits…

Well after several weeks of hard work we finally have a finished movie! It looks fantastic and we want to give a big thanks to our editor Kris, music designer Seth, and of course our Director Tim. These guys really cranked out some hard hours to get this done! The results looks fantastic. We are … Continue reading

In the Can!

We finished shooting on schedule and have had the movie in the can for some time. Our editor and Director have been working like mad to get a rough cut in place for a pre-screening. Everyone is very excited to see how this is all coming together, but we have a lot of work to … Continue reading


Big Thanks to Brunello Ristorante!

The cast and crew of Tonight’s Special want to extend a huge thanks to Brunello Ristorante for allowing us to use their restaurant as our primary filming location. They are extending us every courtesy, and we really can’t say enough good things about the Nardone family for helping us out! Please take the time to … Continue reading

LateDateRehersal 1

Hey… the rehearsal went well!

What a great rehearsal! When you have a great cast and director it is really a pleasure to watch the chemistry build between people. We had several hours to work, starting with the walkthrough of lines, and finding the movements, intonations, and changes needed to make everyone feel natural in their roles. Take a quick … Continue reading

Tool Talk

A couple of folks have asked about what a smaller production group uses for their work. In our case, we are using Celtx Studios for scripts and production tracking. It is a free package that you can use on your PC or mac, and has an online studio service that is a cheap monthly cost. … Continue reading

Rehearsal Time!

After two rounds of auditions we now are staffed up with a full cast and crew! rehearsals and final script lock happen this weekend, and we are getting ready. We have the crew scouting out the locations and think that we can get everything filmed in two days of filming. Things are getting exciting!

Someone is waiting for you...

We are in Pre-Production!

Well our project is off to a great start. We have our script in hand, have the cast and crew ready, and are making our schedule for the film now. This is a fast turn-around project and we can’t wait to get started.


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